1940's Bill, Pete, Buck, Lola, Lottie, Julian, Jack Turney1943 RB Turney1944 - Belgium, Turney - Blevens1944 - France 21944 - France, Near Normandy Beach1944 April -  Germany, Ansbach -target practice-1944 March - -Ole Jack-1944 March - -Straighten that Line-1944 March - Army Training B1944 March - Birthday A1944 March - Birthday B1944 March - Chowtime 1B1944 March - Jack Turney1944 March - Mississippi Army Training1944 March - Mississippi (2)1944 March - Tip Top1945 - Belgium 11945 - Belgium 21945 - Belgium, Age 221945 - Belgium, Henri Chappelle, American Cemetery 11945 - Belgium, Henri Chappelle, American Cemetery 21945 - France 21945 - France 171945 - France 181945 - France 191945 - France 201945 - Germany, Chaplain - Turney1945 - Germany, Chaplain Thackeberry - Assistant Turney1945 - Germany, Chaplain's Assistant 11945 - Germany, Chaplain's Assistant 21945 - Germany, Chaplains 11945 - Germany, Frankfurt 21945 - Germany, General Patton injury site outside Munich1945 - Germany, German Planes -The Scrap Heap- RBT On Top1945 - Jack Turney  and friend1945 - Luxembourg, American Cemetery General Patton grave with flowers1945 - Turney1945 Aug - France, Paris 31945 Aug - France, Paris 41945 Aug - Germany, German tank out1945 Dec - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch 141945 Dec - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch, Christmas Eve 31945 Dec - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch, Christmas Eve 41945 Dec - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch, Christmas Eve 91945 Dec - Germany (2)1945 Jack Turney in Alps1945 June - France, Paris, Eiffel Tower 31945 June - France, Paris (2)1945 May - Belgium 21945 May - Belgium 121945 May - Belgium 131945 May - Belgium 201945 May - Belgium 241945 May - Belgium 251945 May - Belgium, The Seigfried Line -tired-1945 Oct - Austria, Saltzburg, B1945 Oct - Austria (2)1945 Oct - Germany, Bavarian Alps, Berchtesgaden, View of the top of Hitlers home1945 Oct - Germany, Bavarian Alps, R B -Jack- Turney 11945 Oct - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch 11945 Oct - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch 31945 Oct - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch 151945 Oct - Germany, Zugspitze Alps near Garmisch 161945 USA, Gaffney Ledger1946 - Germany, Karlsfeld Ordinance Depot 31946 - Germany, Karlsfeld Ordinance Depot 61946 - R B -Jack- Turney1946 April - Germany, Frankfurt 21946 April - Germany, Frankfurt 31946 April- Germany 1B1946 Homeward Bound 8 Home Again1946 June - Last inspection before going home1946 June - On the way home1946 June - Packing to leave Germany1946 ship Homeward Bound 31946 ship Homeward Bound 41946 ship Homeward Bound 51946 ship Homeward Bound 61946 ship Homeward Bound 71946 z RB Turney1946 z Sept - Z Jack Turney1947 Jack - Mother1947 Jack - Ruby at Greenbriar Hotel WV1947 Jack - Ruby Turney 11947 Jack - Ruby Turney 21947 Jack Turney1947 Lottie - Jack Turney, Ruby Bridges1947 Marriage Certificate Jack - Ruby Turney1947 May 18 - Jack Turney - Wedding Day1947 May 18 - Mrs Ruby Turney - Wedding Day1947 May 18 - Turney wedding1947 May 18 - Turney's wedding party in front of Jim Henry's house1947 May 20- Ruby - Jack Turney on honeymoon1947 May 20, Ruby on honeymoon 1A1947 May 20, Ruby on honeymoon 1B1947 Ruby Bridges Turney1947 Ruby Turney @ Greenbriar Hotel on honeymoon1947 Ruby Turney (2)1948 Jack Turney - J P Martin1948 Jack Turney (2)1949 Jack - Ruby Turney1950's Jack Turney @ Midway Park NC1951 - Jack and Jim Turney1953 Jack - Tom Turney -6 months old-1954 Jack Turney Camp Lejeune ID card1955 Jim, Jack, Tom, Ruby Turney1956 Lottie Mae Turney1956 Tommy, Marilyn - James Turney1957 Jack Turney1960's Jack Turney - George Bridges1960's Jack Turney passport pic1960's R B -Jack- Turney1962 Jack - Ruby Wetzlar Germany1964 RBTurney1965 Bonaire Ruby - Jack Turney1965 Feb 22 - Jack - Ruby Turney Bonaire NA B1965 Jack - Ruby off to Europe for TWR1965 Jack Turney1967 Jack, Betty Jane - Paul Freed, Ruth Armstrong, Ruby, Dr Ralph Freed1968 Burt Reed - Jack Turney1968 Glenn W Turner, Jack - Ruby-21968 Glenn W Turner, Jack - Ruby (2)1970's Tabernacle Baptist Church Directory pic Jack - Ruby Turney1971 Hong Kong Victor Khubani - Judy, Ruby - Jack Turney1973 Julian, Jim, Jack Turney1975 Jim - Ruth Henry1977 Christmas CDI Tom Powell, Jim - Nina Lyle, Jack - Ruby Turney, Sharon Pickering, Joy Carnley, Marilyn - John Kubik, Norma - Will Meloon_1978 Jack, Pete, Buck Turney (Julian's funeral)1978 Janet, Ruby - Jack Turney (Julian's funeral)1981 Bonaire - Mel Lyons, Lola Mae Mann, Ruth Henry, Carlee Johnson, Ruby - Jack Turney 21981 March Tommy - Renee Steele, Jack Turney1982 Ruby Turney1983 Jack - Amber Turney 1B_cropped1984 Jack - Ruby Turney, B R Lakin1985 Jack Turney1987 Jack - Ruby Turney, Bob - Janet Work1988 Waunelle - Maynard Byrd, Ruth Mann, Amber, Ruby - Jack Turney1989 George, Jack - Amber Turney1989 Jack - Ruby @ Grand Canyon 21989 Jack and Ruby on Sea of Galilee1989 Jack Turney at the Grand Canyon1989 Jack Turney, Joyce Hoffman at CDI A1989 Jack, Ruby, Amber, - Pastor Jimmie Hughes1989 May - JoAnn Bunn, Immogene Aman Hutson, Shelby Jean Barber McGalliard @ Ruby - Ruth's 70th Birthday1989 May - Pearl Snipes,Ruth - Ruby, Jack Turney B1989 May - Ruby - Jack Turney, Dr Bill Hoffmeister B1990 43rd Anniversary Jack - Ruby Turney1990 Jack Turney - Christopher Hackett at CDI 1B1990 Jack Turney 11990 Jack Turney 2B0381991 Joyce Hoffman, Jack - Ruby Turney 1B1992 Brig Jim Henry, Jack - Ruby Turney1995 Jack Turney B1997 Jack Turney at his birthplace1997 Jim, Marilyn, Tom, Jack, Ruby, Amber1997 Ruby being seranaded by her man1997-50th Anniversary 11997-50th Anniversary 111997-50th Anniversary 151997-50th Anniversary 161997-50th Anniversary 181997-50th Anniversary 22B1997-50th Anniversary 29B1997-50th Anniversary 33B1997-50th Anniversary 391997-50th Anniversary 42B1997-50th Anniversary (2)1998 Jack - Ruby Turney1999 Ruth - Ruby2000 R B -Jack- Turney2002 RBTurney India 2-1 (dragged)2005 Cyprus 12005 Cyprus RBT at Paul's Pillar_2005 Cyprus (2)2005 Ruby - Jack Turney2005 SWG India - Jack Turney - John A2005 SWG India - Jack Turney - John B2005 SWG India - Manoj, RBT, scooter2006 Jack - Ruby Turney2006 Jim, Ruby, Marilyn, Jack, Paul - Janice Mims, Joe - Diane Moody, Janet - Bob Work2006 Marilyn, Jack, Ruby, Mason - Elaine Collins2006 Ruby - Jack Turney 12006 Ruby, Marilyn, Jack Turney2006, Ruby, Jack, Buck, Lois, Beth, Scott Turney2007 60th anniversary2007 Aurora - Turney's2007 India2007 Jack - Ruby Turney2007 Jack on the Turney Bird2007 Ruby Turney at DeLeon Springs2007 Ruby Turney (2)2008 Aurora's graduation w-Marilyn, Jim - Mother2008 Dixie Stampede 0062008 Jack - George2008 Mom - Dad @ Plaxico's 12008 Ruby and Jack2008 Ruby Turney2009 July 4 - Bobby McFalls, Lee Burnett, Jack Turney2009 July 4 - Lee Burnett, Emily Ann Wheeler Davenport, Jack - Ruby Turney2009 July 4 - Lee Burnett, Emily Ann Wheeler Davenport, R B -Jack- Turney 22009 Ruby, Jack - Snickers2010 Aurora - RBT 32010 Jack Turney and the last Turneybird2010 Jack Turney in the last Turneybird2011 Arabian Knights 12011 Charles McGalliard - Jack Turney2011 Jack and future pastor2011 Jack Smith, Jack Turney, Joshua2011 Jack Turney - Johnny Peng2011 Jack Turney, Joshua, Grace - Beulah2011 JoAnn Bunn, Jack Turney, Shelby McGalliard2011 Manoj, Jack on scooter Kiran2011 Manoj, Jack Turney2011 Marilyn - Jack Turney2011 Marilyn, Jack, Jack Smith2011 Mike Frazier, Hyles-Anderson, Jack Turney2011 UAE Manoj, Jack Turney, Kiran2012 Art Roirham, Aurora, Jack Turney2012 Dad - Orange Tree2012 Gene Pritchard, Jack Turney, Mike Frazier2012 Jack - Tom Turney2012 Jack Turney - Frank Howlett2012 Jack Turney - Friend 12012 Jack Turney - John C. Morgan2012 Jack Turney - Tom Wilmoth2012 Jack Turney 12012 Jack Turney cooking2012 Jack Turney, Charlie - Miriam Bray2012 Jack Turney, Gene Pritchard2012 Jack Turney, Glen - Launelle Draper2012 Jack Turney (2)2012 Jim, Tom, Marilyn - Dad2012 Kayla - Grand Dad2012 Marilyn - Jack Turney, Mike - Paula Frazier2012 Mrs Adrian Rogers - Jack Turney2012 Sweet Shirley, Jack Turney, Jack Smith, Marilyn Turney2013 Jack Turney - Nina Lyle2013 Jack Turney - Snickers2013 Kent - Jesse Chavers, Carmine Bravo2013 Tad Marshall - RB Turney2013 The End2013 The Very End2013 The Very Very End